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SophieEden Are you horny?You wanna stroke your cock?Ok....lets do this but in my way
Follow and enjoy my instruction which will end with a very sensual countdown as well to make you cum wordless
SophieEden What a privilege for such a weak boy like you to have your face used while i smoke a cigarette

Indulge into this and beg me to let you breath my smoke-do you deserve more?
SophieEden You cant deny the pleasure my big boobs gives you and face it...thats why you dont like your girlfriend`s small tits...becuz she cant give you same thing...your cock is never satisfy by her small tits so...fuck that bitch and stroke for my bog boobs
SophieEden Big or small boobs?
You know big ones always turned u on more cuz there is much more pleasure with them
Thats right for big tits
SophieEden Today i encourage you to jerk off your cock with my ass

You wish to be true
SophieEden You never wanted so much like now to be my be treated with some nice looking boobs

Use your imagination....and see hoow it feels
SophieEden Moment of truth for you and your wife
Get humiliated both of turn into my bitch...your wife being verbally abused

Suck my cock and shut up bitch!

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SophieEden When is about stroking you are uncontrolable day by day the same way

I will fix that once for good

Follow my way and u will learn to get all the best from this
SophieEden U do what it takes to please me even it means to suck a cock for me

I have a big satisfaction to tease u with my big boobs while u suck my cock
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SophieEden You are one of the losers who would do anything to just please me

You want my feet over your cock?Fine-here is the deal:you get them but u take my hard CBT first

Is just the way it is-i ALWAYS get what i want -you get what i give you
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