You woke up wet becuz you had another wet dream about BBC?

Fine you you live the dream being always a faggot slut for cocks
My Feet will always get your tiny dick hard but i remind will never be a man but instead you can be My Feet slave for life and you will Your small dick belongs to My Feet...thats what will remain in your brain after this mindfuck play You will lick,suck and serve My Feet
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See my hot new latex boots and get horny for them

Are you hard?Milk that cock for me and my boots :)
Is time to test your limits as my sissy and worship the biggest cock in the world

You cant say no to it becuz u crave so much

Be my good slutty sissy boy
Stay forever like you are now-a dumb virgin loser Words like ,,man,, are not for you-as pathetic as you dont even know how to keep that cock in your hand I will teach you to stroke but this is the closest you can get and your hand will be your best friend forever
You get sweating,trembling and always find yourself on your weak knees when u see my cleavage You biggest desire is to put your face in my cleavage and feel how my big boobs are teasing you
You always loved and adored my feet so now you have the chance to worship them
Be my good feet boy and put all your love and passion over my golden heels and feet
You made an obsession with My Ass but you know you will never can get to it You only chance to be close to me is to be my cuckold for life While you admire and worship My Ass stroke that little worm and make yourself a favor to cum and eat it You loser cuck!
Hurt your balls and jerk Off your cock as i tell you Remember that your pain is My Pleasure Is humiliating?Then get more as i feed my fun with your pathetic cock and turn your balls into my toys
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